Solar Home System Off Grid/ On GridBack

Top quality, high efficiency, and high wattage (240 Wp) solar panels will be used in the system.
  • Panels made from high efficiency polycrystalline cells
  • Approx. size: 65” x 39” inches
  • Best-in-class performance ratings proven by field installations
  • 98% of rated power guaranteed
  • 10 year workmanship and 25 year power warranty
  • Higher strength with wind and snow loads guaranteed up to 80 lbs/ft2
  • Cardboard-free packaging for minimal on-site waste
  • Quality certification of IEC 61215/IEC61730, TUV and UL 1703


The system will be designed with off-grid PV inverter to be fed into the existing electrical system for the facility. The Inverter will convert the DC electricity received from battery bank into AC electricity and will feed to the specified loads in the facility. The Inverters of global brands will be used to ensure minimum power losses during the conversion process of DC to AC power.


We will use appropriate mounting hardware system to install the panels on the ground based on the site conditions. Each panel will be oriented at to capture the maximum southern sun. Panels will be mounted on galvanized frames inclined at 23˚ towards south. The frame will be duly supported by the angle legs of suitable length to provide the pre-determined inclination. All fasteners, nuts and bolts will be made of stainless steel.

The legs of the structure made with GI angles will be fixed and grouted in PCC foundation columns made of cement concrete of 1:2:4. Actual frames, column size and height and other structural dimensions will be determined during final design phase by the specialists

Battery Bank

The system will be designed to have an intelligent battery bank with autonomy of 1 day. The deep discharge will not be more than 60% to 75% to ensure the adequate life of the battery system.

The Battery bank will store the DC power and will transmit the power to the Inverter via the charge controllers. The battery of global brands will be used to ensure minimum power losses during the transmission process and the storage process.

Monitoring system (Optional)

We will provide with a complete/dynamic monitoring system as an option. The remote monitoring solution will help report on your energy production and display your greenhouse gas emissions reduction with accurate, real-time data. You will be able to monitor the system’s performance anytime, anywhere, live on the web. Below is a sample of how the remote monitoring screen will look like.

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