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Remote Village Electrification

  • Rural Electrification
  • Street Lights
  • Home Lighting
  • Solar Lantern

Scope of Supply : Solar Lanterns

  • One Lantern each house

Solar Home Lighting System

  • 2 Nos of 5w Luminary.
  • Battery , Charge Control Unit.
  • PV Panel.

Solar Street Lights

  • 7 Watt or 12w led light.
  • Integrated lithium battery and soar panel
  • Dusk to Dawn System.

Village Electification : Considering a Village of 100 Homes

Total load details
For 100 house hold in rural area

Watt Quantity Total watt.
CFL/Led light 10w 200 2000
Solar Street light 10w 50 500
Solar lantern 5w 100 500

@ 10hrs. Power required is 20,000wh/day.
For this the solar system is as follows

Description Unit Total
Load per day wh/day 20,000
system efficiency   0.9
dust derating moduls   0.95
Power required from modules wh 24,000
Full sun insolation considered hrs/day 5
Aray capacity selected wp 4,800
Module rating wp 120
Installation modules parallel Nos. 10
Installation modules series Nos. 04

5kva Inverter.
Battery storage 24,000wh for one day autonomy .
Specification of system can be change as per project requirement.*

Considering a Village of 100 Homes:- One lantern & Two Luminaries per home and One Street Light in between two homes.

Village Electification

  • Considering the above load, 4.8kw system is advisable for one day autonomy and 6 hrs back up.
  • Capital Subsidy upto 90%* of the normative cost of device/system, subject to not exceeding specific amount is provided.( * for Unelectrified village).
  • 30% subsidy on the project value. (For others).
  • Bank Loan at the subsidized rate of 5%.
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