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Near Zero Street Lighting Energy Costs

Nowadays, everyone is looking for alternative energy solutions and solar power is one of the most utilized. In major cities around the world, the city infrastructure is already using solar power to cut down on carbon emission and become more sustainable.

Near Zero is an efficient solution that harvests solar light with solar panels installed on street lighting fixtures and injects the electricity into the grid during the day. Almost the same energy is consumed by the LED luminaries from the grid at night, leading to close-to-zero energy costs.

You get close to zero energy costs for lighting the city, plus remote management for the street lighting system through inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Management Software. And by using our energy grid injection option, you avoid using the very expensive and maintenance-heavy rechargeable batteries used by classic solar LED street lights.

The Near Zero system uses LED streetlights and solar energy to cut the costs of street lighting. Also, the inteliLIGHT® remote management system allows monitoring exactly how much energy goes into the electric grid from the solar panels during the day and how much gets consumed during the night. You can see at any time how much energy you consumed and how much you saved. As a result, you can start planning how to use the remaining funds for other projects that can improve the quality of life in your city.

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