We also give services for full setup of Soloar Power Generation.

ECO Sol Energy offers:
  • Project Development for the entire solar plant.
  • Preparation of documents, applications for construction and installation permits and environmental impact assessment.
  • Site Qualification, technological and economical feasibility analysis of Parabolic Trough Plants.
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) and Site Services for the turnkey procurement and erection of the entire Solar Thermal Power Plant with collector field, heat transfer system, thermal storage and power block.
  • Project Management of Solar Field Erection including the specification of the assembly procedures, contracting, training and supervision of the assembly teams and quality control of the assembly.
  • Specification and quality control of the procurement of all solar field machinery, equipment and services.

ECO Sol Energy offers consultancy services and various products and components of this technology. The business segments of project development, O&M management and equity investments in power plants are closely aligned with the plant construction business.

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